Alpaca Royal 25g
Alpaca Royal 25g
Alpaca Royal 25g
Alpaca Royal 25g
Alpaca Royal 25g
Alpaca Royal 25g

Alpaca Royal 25g

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Product information

 Luxury, nature, and sustainability come together flawlessly in Alpaca Royal Pascuali Filati Naturali yarn. Pure alpaca wool was used to create this exquisitely soft, delicate, and durable yarn. Alpaca Royal is a super-soft, finger-weight yarn that is listed as being superfine.

Alpaca fibre that is less than 19.5 microns in diameter is referred to as "Royal." Such exquisite hair is only found on the best young white alpacas in Peru's Andean highlands.

We have mixed the white alpaca royal fibre with 20% soft baby alpaca in order to be able to offer the lovely spectrum of natural colours present in our palette.

This silky, two-ply yarn, which is spun in Peru, resembles cashmere in texture. Alpaca Royal has vast yardage and is lightweight.A sweater will take little more than 250 grams. 

 It is perfect for breathable, warm tops. Additionally, it is ideal for shawls and scarves as accessories. It is incredibly gentle on the skin and has great heat regulation abilities. Alpaca is ideal for persons with the most sensitive skin because it contains very little lanolin.


  • Yarn Length: 25 g ~ 133 m | 0.88 oz ~ 145 yds
  • Blend:80% Alpaca Royal, 20% Baby Alpaca
  • Needle size: 2-2,25 mm | 1 US | 13 UK
  • Gauge 31 stitches, 42 rows to 4" (10 cm)
  • Usage: Sweater in size small ~ 250g (10 balls)
  • Yarn Weight: 25 g | 0.88 oz ~ Ball


  • Fibre: Alpaca ~ Peru
  • Spun in Peru


 We recommend washing your knitwear made of Alpaca Royal by hand in lukewarm water with a mild wool detergent. Dry flat, preferably on a terry towel, to keep its shape. Please do not dry it on a heat source or in the blazing sun!